Technical Features

1. Adaptable ignition system (world patented technology)

  • Ignite burner by control of MICOM in accordance with variance of combustion ranges, i.e., gas pressure, chimney, wind and voltage
  • Utmost convenience due to no adjustment

2. Automatic combustion control (world patented technology)

  • Infrared electronic sensor automatically detects condition of flame and supplies optimum amount of air
  • Save energy

3. Sufficient hot water

  • Sufficient hot water supply when use hot water
  • Hot water comes out quickly when open the water faucet
  • Still enough hot water when heavy use or low water pressure

4. Remote controlling

  • Boiler is operated by room controller
  • Self error-detection
  • Errors are indicated in room controller and automatically stop the machine
  • Modulation MICOM and modulation gas valve control combustion in linear temperature condition with least variance

5. Prevention the pipe from freezing to burst

  • If the water inside of the pipe is getting cold, the pump automatically operates or the boiler automatically start combustion to prevent from freezing to burst

6. Good serviceability

  • Easy-to-assemble and -disassemble (need only one screw-driver)